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Paved With Good Intentions

So, I had these plans of getting a backlog of strips and goodies together so that when I left for Ukraine, I’d not be leaving you in the lurch, without cloud, nor bird, nor surly balloon.  And at the very least I’d not be leaving you hanging on a storyline for two weeks because I’d have finished the arc.


All of these things hinged on the planets aligning, I guess because none of that happened.  Instead, I painted two exterior walls of my new house, and I packed and packed, and then packed some more.

OH! and I painted more house.

I apologize profusely and promise that when we get back from our Ukraine trip, I’ll be able to focus more and draw more, and by fall, I’ll be putting out more toys and other goodies.  Really sorry, folks.  I know you know this is not my day-job, but that doesn’t mean that I feel it’s less important.  I’m just living, and learning.

More to come after August 11th.

Much love and fluffy clouds,


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