Milo the Cloud
Swallowing Bee

Swallowing Bee

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  1. Kaira says:

    Aw! Milo adorable squishness just fills me with glee. How I wish that I could be a bit more “Milo”…just going for it and always enjoying the outcome. I love this comic so!

  2. Sean says:

    I wish I was more “Milo” too. I think that’s what we strive for, you know? Except for those who strive to be more “Hank.” 😉 Glad you dig the strip. Thanks for sticking with me despite my pokeyness lately. rehabbing a house is a time-suck like no other.

  3. Taalii says:

    I strive to be more like Lou. Psychotic, and usually carrying explosive fun…but generally helpful, more or less.

  4. Sean says:

    Me too, Taalii. Just minus the psychotic part. Explosive fun ahoy though.