Milo the Cloud
Nimbo Speaks
April 3rd, 2017

Nimbo Speaks

This is a change I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while. Having a strip where two characters don’t speak is problematic. Lou is a bird, and he only speaks in chirps to our ears. Milo and Hank can understand him, but not us. So the fact that I had set it up so that Nimbo also was a mute didn’t make much sense, but when I was creating the character, I wasn’t thinking about problems like that. So, a while back I did the strip where I showed why Nimbo stopped talking, and today a newly vocal Nimbo steps back into the strip, and while he’ll likely always be a bit of a stoic, I’m not going to keep him mute anymore.

Anyway. That’s how the sausage gets made. Hope you guys are having a great week. This would have been out yesterday, but I was in jury duty and forgot to post it in the morning before I left.


↓ Transcript
Milo: Hey, Nimbo! Hank said you were back. He also said you got your voice back.
Nimbo: ...
Milo: So, where have you BEEN, Nimbo?

Nimbo: Bermuda

We’re baaaaack!

It has been way longer than I thought it would be, and I’m sorry for that. In the time since I signed off, I’ve had a baby, renovated a house, and finished illustrating the Milo book. And I’ve been horrible about keeping you informed about that. But it’s done. Right now I’m doing some final editing, and I’m about to start formatting for the ebook release. Haven’t set a day yet, but I’ll be letting you know soon.

But we’re BACK!! I have a small backlog of strips, and I’ve changed the format. I hope you dig it. I’m going to update the look of the site as well, hopefully this week. Drop me a line to let me know you’re around, and I’ll keep up with my posting. We’re going to start out with once a week on Wednesdays and make sure I can handle that before I go jumping in with any more upload days. Having a baby just means that there’s so much more to do than there used to be, and I’m still trying to come up with other forms of Milo fun for you than just the strip. We’ll talk more about the other fun as I can announce it, but trust me there’s really cool things about to pop.

Tell me about your life and what’s going on in it. And if you’re on Google+, drop me a line there. I’m starting to be really active in that community. Sean Archer

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Back! Sick! Aintitcool?

So, real quick.  I’m back from Ukraine, and my last four days there went like this:  Mountain climbing!  Awesomeness!  Love this!  Beautiful amazing view!  Let’s go walking in the rain to see one last waterfall, okay?  Great!  Beautiful!  I’m a bit cold…and wet…like real cold!  Okay, I’ve taken a shower, but I’m still cold.  And I kinda hurt.  Like, really.  Okay, should I have a fever this high?  FEVER!!  Heart racing.  Is this how Jim Henson died? Fever’s gone. Sore THROAT!  Soresoresoresorethroat.  More-sore-throat.  Hit it with ibuprofin.  Lots.  not a lot better, but some. Dinner party on a boat in Kiev.  Really nice.  Get on the plane to come home.  Eat a sandwich. INSTANT EVIL NAUSEA!  Want to die.  Want to die.  Going to get off the plane in Warsaw and die, then they can send my body back to the U.S. and reanimate me there.  Warsaw.  20 minutes until plane boards.  Bathroom ZUUKE!!!!!  MORE ZUUUUUKE!!  (at this point a couple of strangers outside are chuckling and saying something about Polish food poisoning)  ZUKE!!  Feel better.   No more zuking.  Then many trips to the bathroom on the 10 hour flight home.

So there.  I’m going to write more at length about the rest of my trip, which was very nice, but not much in the way of a vacation.  More of a visiting trip, which is important too.

In actual Milo news:  This was posted on the other day, and is a very nice thing for someone to write about my strip.

Here’s an excerpt, but you can read the whole thing here.  (you have to scroll down a ways)

“…I found MILO THE CLOUD’s preview book and remembered how enamored I was with the simple concept of a chipper little cloud and his rambunctious friends: a balloon, a cardinal, and an emo girl. Milo seems to always be in pretty high spirits and often gets somewhat metaphysical with his other airborne friends. Although this strip is cuter than all get out,… it is also smartly written and cleverly humorous… If the strips in this book are any indication, I’m definitely going to be seeking out the truly original, undeniably cute, and devilishly funny MILO THE CLOUD. …Sean Archer deserves all the recognition he can for this original concept and excellent execution MILO THE CLOUD. Archer says there’ll be Milo plush toys on the way too…and dammit if I can’t help but want one of those! Read the webcomic from the beginning here and if you’re not addicted after a few hits you have a heart as cold as ice.

Many thanks to AmbushBug for the kind words.

Soon.  Comics.  Promise.

Paved With Good Intentions

So, I had these plans of getting a backlog of strips and goodies together so that when I left for Ukraine, I’d not be leaving you in the lurch, without cloud, nor bird, nor surly balloon.  And at the very least I’d not be leaving you hanging on a storyline for two weeks because I’d have finished the arc.


All of these things hinged on the planets aligning, I guess because none of that happened.  Instead, I painted two exterior walls of my new house, and I packed and packed, and then packed some more.

OH! and I painted more house.

I apologize profusely and promise that when we get back from our Ukraine trip, I’ll be able to focus more and draw more, and by fall, I’ll be putting out more toys and other goodies.  Really sorry, folks.  I know you know this is not my day-job, but that doesn’t mean that I feel it’s less important.  I’m just living, and learning.

More to come after August 11th.

Much love and fluffy clouds,


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